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My Resume

Svetlana Loshak
Burlington, MA, USA



08/2011 – current
Architectural Designer at Nelco & Trapani & Associates Architects, Burlington, MA
Design of medical shielding for radiation therapy rooms, cancer treatment facilities, oncology centers, and industrial centers in the United States and abroad.
My responsibilities:
Space Planning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Shop drawings, Constriction Administration.
Software used:
- AutoCAD
- Photoshop

10/2005 - 01/2011
Architectural Designer at The Classic Group, Inc. Burlington, MA
Work on design of large high-end historic custom residences and additions in all phases from conception to completion.

My responsibilities:
Existing condition survey
Schematic design
-  Study drawings
-  Hand-drawn perspective sketches
Design Development and Construction Documents:
-  Floor plans, RCP, roof plans, framing plans
-  Building exterior and interior elevations
-  Building sections
-  Construction details
-  Selecting finish materials and colors
3D computer models
Model making: hand-built card models
Design of marketing materials: flyers and brochures

Software used:
-  ArchiCAD
-  AutoCAD
-  ArtLantis
-  Photoshop
-  Microsoft Word & Excel

11/2009 –06/2010 and 02/2011-06/2011
Architectural Designer at Ruth Bennet & Associates LLC, Lexington, MA
New design and remodeling of residences in Massachusetts and NewYork.

My responsibilities: Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents.

Software used: AutoCAD

9/2007 – 11/2009 Web Designer/Consultant, Burlington, MA
Design and administration of several websites:
Design of my portfolio website
Design and administration of website
Design and administration of personal website for tennis player
-  Design and administration of website for the IT Company
Software used:
-  Artisteer
-  Netscape Composer
-  Word Press
-  Photoshop

6/2001 - 2/2002 Architectural Designer, JFF Design, Waltham, MA
Design and remodeling of residences and commercial buildings in Boston, Waltham, Arlington, Lexington, Andover, and Newton.

My responsibilities:
Prepare drawings, from design development through to construction documents, details and shop drawings
Existing condition survey
Model making: hand-built card models
Produce presentation material
Maintain standard detail libraries and office CAD templates

Software used:
-  AutoCAD Architectural Desktop
-  Photoshop
-  Microsoft Word & Excel


9/1995-8/2000 and 9/2003-7/2004
Bachelor of Architecture, Belarussian National Technical University (BNTU), Architectural Department, Minsk, Belarus
-  Diploma with honors
-  Winner BNTU math competition
-  Winner BNTU architecture competition
Courses include:
-  Design of residences and public buildings
-  Design of industrial buildings
-  Urban planning
-  Landscape architecture
-  Reconstruction of architectural objects
-  Volumetric and space composition
-  Architectural construction
-  Computer graphics
-  Sculpture
-  Drawing
-  Painting

6/1994-5/1995 Courses of Architectural composition, and drawing, Minsk, Belarus

9/1993-6/1995 Minsk Polytechnic College, Minsk, Belarus
-  Graduated with honors
-  Certificate in Descriptive geometry and Mechanical drafting


AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, ArtLantis, Adobe Photoshop, Word Press, Microsoft Word & Excel, Netscape Composer, Hand Drafting, Hand Drawing, Model making
Certificate - Master of AutoCAD 2000 (U.S.) 2001-02-05 Brainbench


“Svetlana is a wonderful talent with a blend of aesthetic and practical application. She has a tremendous design aesthetic that is strong and pure. Her design talents are only exceeded by her ability to deliver every project on time. Whenever Svetlana asks a question, it is well thought out and structured so as to provoke a deep and thoughtful response from the responder. She is an extremely intelligent person. She was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a talented design professional.”

Von Salmi, Project Manager, The Classic Group, Inc. (617) 823-9407 
August 26, 2010, Linkedin
“While working at the Classic Group, I had the good fortune of hiring Svetlana as a designer/drafter. She possesses a wonderful eye for design and layout and her graphic abilities are fabulous. She is comfortable in a variety of media; drafting, web design, hand drawing, model making and brochure page layout to name just a few. Added to that, she is a hard worker and understands deadlines and does what she needs to in order to meet them, all while keeping calm and composed. She works equally well individually or in a team and would be a great asset to any design oriented business. I would love to have the opportunity to hire her again, she’s a pleasure to work with.”

William Curtis, Director of Architecture/Senior Architect,
The Classic Group, Inc. (781) 388-3944
August 2, 2010, Linkedin

“Svetlana possesses a keen and inquisitive mind. She was quick to perceive the problems in the assignments given to her and would offer alternate solutions without being bogged down. When assigned a task, she would do more than was asked and move the project forward in a positive way. She displays a strong work ethic, an eagerness to learn about the profession and a willingness to dive into any task assigned. Two things that set her apart in my mind from many of her peers are first, a willingness to ask intelligent pertinent questions when she doesn't understand something rather than flailing about, and second, genuine finesse at hand drafting and superb model making skills which enhance her deep grasp of various computer programs. When I worked with her, she had a lot to learn, but made great progress in a short period of time. Properly mentored, she will be a profound talent.”

Eric Daum, Design Director, The Classic Group, Inc. (978) 388-8222

July 31, 2010, Linkedin

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